Our Story

Cleans For A Cure is the culmination of love, fitness and community service.  The love between a wife and her Type 1 Diabetic husband; the importance of health and fitness in management of disease; and community service, through awareness, charity & research. 

Co-Founder Matthew Jenkins, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 12 after hours of testing and confusion surrounding his condition. His symptoms had grown progressively worse over several months as medical and general communities lacked awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. Unfortunately, the community is still lacking awareness as children and adults continue to die without a proper diagnosis. 

This was magnified in the lives of Matthew & Jennifer Jenkins when they became aware of Kycie Terry shortly after the founding of Cleans For A Cure. Kycie Terry was misdiagnosed with the flu, instead having Type 1 Diabetes. Her blood glucose was around 1148 when she first presented to the hospital - the normal being 70-120. Unfortunately, she had fallen into a coma and never fully recovered from the effects, suffering brain damage from the late diagnosis. 

To Support Kycie and her family, Cleans For A Cure launched its first event, the Fight For Kycie Bur-pee Challenge, raising $1,600.00 to assist the family with medical costs. Unfortunately, four months later Kycie passed away. 

From that day, Cleans For A Cure found its voice by Saving Lives. Improving Lives and curing Type 1 Diabetes through action, awareness and research. 


Origins of Our Name

The clean is a full body movement that's great for building explosive power and is a movement utilized in everyday life. Beyond strength, the clean requires flexibility, speed, agility and balance.

The level of precision and the technical nature of this movement mirrors the discipline and commitment needed to manage Type 1 Diabetes. If you're not committed...you will fail. 

The movement not only represents the commitment and dedication of our organization...but also that heavy and difficult circumstances can be picked up and thrown down!