Kycie Strong by Josh Terry

On January 30th, 2015 our family got a rude education about type 1 diabetes. In the blink of an eye we learned about its unforgiving effects on ones body, especially when it goes undetected. Our daughter, Kycie had been feeling ill for about 5 days when she was diagnosed. She was LifeFlighted to a children's hospital that same day. Unfortunately, before she reached the specialists that could help her the unthinkable happened. Kycie's extremely high blood sugars caused her brain to swell and ultimately herniate causing profound brain damage. Like most children, Kycie didn't know how to give up. She fought to regain all that she lost over the next 6 months. As parents, we were anxiously awaiting her first words for a second time when Kycie unexpectedly passed away in her fathers arms on July 11th, 2015.

As a family we went into "survival mode."  We pooled our resources, micromanaged our time and worked tirelessly to help our only little girl. We had amazing support from around the world and quickly learned how good the world really is.

In January of 2015 we were contacted by Cleans for a Cure. These athletes wanted to help in any way they could and offered their support. We were impressed by their sincere love, dedication and commitment not only towards our family, but towards all battling T1D.

Through the efforts of Cleans for a Cure they raised over $1,600 to help care for Kycie during her 111 day stay at the children's hospital. Our family is very grateful for each person that donated their time, money and especially their hearts to our little girl at a time of greatest need.