Tour For A Cure by Brooke Potts

My daughter Mackenzie Smith has Type 1 Diabetes. She's 11 years old and was diagnosed when she was 9.

Type 1 brings many challenges everyday. Mackenzie wears a pump and a CGM to help manage her diabetes. We want Mackenzie to have every tool to help her so we decided to sign a contract with a company to purchase a diabetic service dog for her. As many of you know, service dogs aren't cheap. We decided to set up a You Caring page and just a few days after setting it up, Cleans For A Cure contacted me and said they wanted to help our family! My heart was so heavy. I was in tears that they wanted to do this for my daughter!

We are forever grateful. Cleans For A Cure held a event and donated a portion of the proceeds for Mackenzie! They helped us get that much closer to Mackenzie's hero! We couldn't thank them enough!