150 Words with The Founder - The Tour For A Cure

The Tour For A Cure was one of the first ideas our team had for increasing awareness and fundraising in the fitness community. A community surprisingly unfamiliar with Type 1 Diabetes.

So in 2015, we launched the Tour For A Cure with one event at our home box, CrossFit Kernersville. That one event raised over $3,000 to help support organizations researching for a cure to Type 1 Diabetes! In just one year, its grown to three events. Two in North Carolina and 1 in Texas. Now our goal is to raise $10,000 to fight and cure Type 1 Diabetes!

The responsibility rests on all of us, Type 1’s and Type none’s to fight for a cure and save lives by making our friends, families and communities aware of the symptoms of T1D. Join our mission, register for the Tour For A Cure and help us defeat Type 1 Diabetes!

Matthew Jenkins is the Co-Founder of Cleans For A Cure and Type 1 Diabetic for 16 years.