A Brief Introduction - Jeffrey Huet

So here's my story...

I am a type 1 diabetic. I was diagnosed at 12 years old and had no idea how my life would be changed. Luckily, my parents never made my diabetes dictate what I could or couldn't do. If anything it was more motivation to try new things and push through difficult situations. We were a very active family and the diabetes wasn't going to hold us back. I refer to "we" because it affected my whole family.

I stuck with sports and ended up playing small college football. Diabetes got in the way quite a bit. It would take me longer to recover from games and my performance was not always at the desired level due to highs or lows. I often thought and still think how things could have been without the diabetes.

If there was one huge bonus to being diagnosed with diabetes it was the amount of responsibility I had to take on. I always have to be prepared with food or supplies. There have been times when I wasn't and I have regretted it. Luckily, I have a very organized and supportive wife that helps me with all her heart!

Being active has helped me in huge ways. It is one of the things that make me feel like a normal healthy person. I have messed around with biking, running, a small dose of CrossFit, powerlifting and strongman. All of these activities have helped me BREAK DIABETES!